Sunday, December 31, 2017


Goodbye 2017

The last week of the year for me is always a time of reflection on the year itself and a time to get organized for the next year. As I wrote on the forum I moderate for, in numerology 2017 was a year to break away from our comfort zones, and leap headfirst into new roles and circumstances, with plenty of challenges and opportunities, trailblazing and finding new directions. Well it certainly describes my year.

Happy moment with my sister waiting in line for the opening of the Kaiser Store.

 I am back home, from a fortnight in Sydney with all the family. John put in a new kitchen for our daughter, and helped make new garden beds for our 2nd. son. We spent time with all 8 grandchildren at once, skyped with our youngest daughter in America. Had 20 plus people for Christmas Lunch, went and saw Star Wars at the cinema, a family boxing day tradition. Celebrated our youngest son's birthday on the 27th Dec.  Not surprisingly  I have come back tired, not used to all the noise and going ons.

One big mess, typical of all the gardens

The garden is a mess, having rained several times followed by heat, but I am just leaving it till I regain a bit of strength. Next year it is undergoing a complete change.
I also have to still start organizing my garden to do list and vegetables to grow next year, hopefully a start date of March depends on how we go changing the garden.

Yellow flower is parsnips going to seed never had that happen before, white is perpetual leeks.

My planner this year is going to be the Happy Planner style. Even though I completely designed up planner pages for the forum I am not going to go with it. I have stickers, and left over pages to use up on this bigger style so downloaded a weekly one to print and have now put it all together. I am still sticking with my favorite organizing chart by weeks here 52 weeks to an Organized Home   that I have done now for 4 years.

Chose an undated one, and bit bigger than A5

 2018 will be a year of projects to finish, both the house, garden, and craft as I get older I am now looking at easier, and while I am still able get us there. Declutter is a big one, paying off the mortgage, a new car as mine is now 15 years old, and that is  just to start with. Hoping your plans for 2018 are coming together as well.

Happy New Year Everyone, and Happy Birthday to my Sister, it is on New Years Day, love you lots.

  Till Next Time.


  1. happy new year to you & yours too!
    i never plan anything & i stopped trying to new years resolutions before i was 20! though am planning on getting on board with Rhonda's blog with her going through her book, i look forward to that after the new year.
    i do hope to get gardens sorted out this year so i can grow some food again.
    thanx for sharing

  2. Hi Chris,

    So glad you had a great Christmas, ours was lovely too.

    Thank you for posting the 52 weeks organisation link. I am going to browse over it and see if I can come up with a better system to use myself (I have tried many over the years!).

    Your garden is going great guns! A bit of rain and sunshine does make a garden boom!



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