Sunday, November 19, 2017


2017 Holiday - Singapore

I found Singapore interesting but don't think I would go back again. It was very hot and sticky more so than this sub tropical area. It was also so spread out in the shopping areas that you were walking miles to get to anything. If  flying again though, it is a great overnight stop, as the hotel is right at the airport, connected to customs as soon as you go through.

We did a lot of things Universal Studios, Chinese markets, Little India, Bird Park, Zoo, River Walk, Night Safari which I have gone over previously but the most fascinating thing in Singapore is the Gardens by the Bay.
Our first look at it was from the top of the Marina Bay Sands Skypark Roof Gardens. If you remember my height thing, one very high up scary  place.

Sand Skypark Garden 57 floors up.

About as close as I got to the edge

View of the Super Tree Grove

Singapore Flyer

Singapore City

Back  to the view is good.

Once we got our fill of the 360 degree view we descended rapidly via the elevator, to the bridge that goes across the river to the Gardens by the Bay area.

Beginning of our walk across

Went over the Dragon Fly Bridge

Very Pretty

Looking down to the river.
Cornucopias on one of the walks

Walkway amongst the Sculptured Trees. Note Flowers on River.

Very Pretty Metal Flowers

 The walkway led us through a series of smaller gardens Chinese, Indian etc. with lots of statues as well. Very well looked after and very clean.
 Our main aim for the day was to go to the Cloud Forest Garden, and the Flower Dome, and the Super Trees with its sky walk plus a night light show  in the trees at 8pm. Then race down to the river for another bigger light show to music.

As the Cloud Forest had special times that let the mist spray out thus creating a cloud over the forest this is what we went to first. The very, very cold air conditioning hit us first with a gasp. In front was a huge water fall and as we followed the path would its way higher and higher up the" mountain". Taking a lift also here and there.

Very tall Waterfall

Part of the "mountain:

Looking down at the Entrance

Flower gardens set in every turn on the lower level.

Lots of interesting sculptures dotted around.

Wooden Dragon Sculpture
The mist was very gentle to start then it got thicker and thicker, just like if you were in a cloud on a mountain.

Right on time the mist happened

Mist falls down the mountain making a Cloud


Water fall Again

Being brave on the walkway up high, stuck to the middle. You could see through the floor grill either side NOT GOOD!

One floor had a display of stalactites and stalagmites and crystals

This floor had a very interesting display and movies of our future, by looking back on the past.

Just before the exit
This looked good, was on the outside of the dome.

Carved seat at end.

Once our delicious lunch was over which we had to walk miles to get to again, we then headed back to the Flower Dome.

Had to try the famous Satay Sticks

Again it was follow the path and you came upon different sections that represented plants from areas like Australia, Mediterranean, America etc. Dotted here and there some wonderful driftwood statues



At this time they had an autumn theme of pumpkins.

Cinderella's Pumpkin

Note the Dragon on left and horses.

Looking down to the main display

Lots of mature trees as well



Pumpkins Everywhere

 Chickens weren't real but very life like.

Main Display
Alice in Wonderland.

Rare photo of the three of us.

 From there we then went to the Super Trees and the other two went up to the Skywalk, I had had enough of heights by this stage.

From Ground Level

From the Sky Walk

The lights first started with the dragonflys then slowly as the night got darker the trees cam on then a flashing light display to music started.

 The whole area is lit up as we found out racing down to the river display.

Dragonfly Bridge

River Lotus Flowers Lit Up

The next day we left Singapore for home. It all seems like a dream now. We were totally exhausted from this trip and I came down with a cold. It has taken me ages to come good. I leave you with one thing though a pair of Jimmy Choo Shoes.


Till Next Time.

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