Saturday, March 25, 2017


Victoria Our Holiday Destination. Part One

We decided to finally actually use our caravan and visit family and travel the full circle from the mid north coast down the freeway via Wollongong to Bega way, then through Melbourne, back up the middle via Seymour and Bright, Henty, Berrima and Barrington Tops.
When we left it was overcast, little did we know the torrential rain and wind gusts were to follow us most of the way. Our first stop was Mungo Brush National Park in the lovely Myall Lakes.

Our First Camp Site Mungo Brush

We were also late arriving due to getting lost and missing the ferry. Àrriving at 7pm just as the sun was setting.  John also was not used to setting the van 12 volt system and took ages, just to get the fridge onto gas. By this time I was cooking sausages in the dark with a torch, which we had with bread, and boiling water for a bucket bath, to have  in the tiny 2 foot area known as the van bathroom, in the dark again. According to the head of the household going to bed at 8.30 is what you do when camping.

       You Never Forget to Ride.

The bikes came in very handy for riding the distance to the drop loos, you never forget how to ride. The van was sorted and organized next day,  with the solar and 12 volt and we managed quite comfortably for 3 nights. It started raining day 2.

Missed Ferry

We Overlooked This Lovely Lake

Moving on  to Ulladulla for the next 3 nights, and perched on a cliff overlooking the ocean, is when the torrential rain started, as it was a bit cold when setting up we decided to put the side annexe wall up as well.

118mm later and 3 am, night 2 with 80 kph gusts had us, dismantling the annexe, the camp kitchen, and flooring all saturated, and because we are good neighbour's,  helped two ladies pull down the most complicated tent you are ever likely to see.
 I hung on to a rope around my waist trying to keep the thing on the ground and imagining myself being Mary Poppins flying while holding onto the tent kite. Consequently I didn't take any photos, although John went wandering about with his camera.

You don't see this sign every day.

Stay tuned as we move on.
Till next time.


  1. Really enjoyed reading your post. Your caravan looks great and it must be such a joy to travel with. I really look forward to your updates and travel safe.

  2. It is a very comfortable caravan, glad you are liking my posts.

  3. It sounds like your having an adventure :) I've never seen that sign before didn't know it existed. Looking forward to your next post.

  4. well i haven't seen that sign since i left NSW they are few & far between!
    wow hope you don't have too much bad weather on your trip.
    looking forward to the next part of your adventures.
    have a safe trip
    thanx for sharing


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