Monday, March 20, 2017


Renovating the Caravan - Part 2

Well finally I have got around to finishing off the curtains in the caravan. I ended up just covering the old ones rather than remaking, they in in a pretty good condition it was just that the colour wasn't to my taste. I wanted something bright, cheerful and something that made you feel in a holiday mode.

Fabric Used
Bed End

                                                                      Fabric and Caravan  Reminder

After a great deal of fixing, sewing, glueing and sticking, it is finally coming together. The outdoor fabric is not the easiest to work with. It is quite a stiff texture and doesn't conform like a light weave would. The old fabric is an acrylic weave, with an openness to it that can be molded around cushions and ends. It has been a bit of a struggle at times.

Under the table are USB sockets which will be very handy when plugged into 240 volts. Also a couple of little cupboards for all the condiments and morning tea biscuits.

This was a J seat now much more practical.

Finally though it is finished, new floor, new curtains, new bedding, new arrangement of table, and lots of electric to improve the function of it. All set for our camping trip next month.

Beds much nicer with extra power points to plug in radio and a fan.

I can see a lot of weekends away also.

Till next time.

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  1. the new colours look great! certainly brightens it up.
    thanx for sharing


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