Friday, May 13, 2016


KonMari - The Kitchen

Well it's back to the cleaning and sorting again, "sigh". This time I aimed at the kitchen and pantry.
I decided looking at everything that I wasn't using a lot of my electrical stuff and had way too many serving plates. So after slowly going through it all, more of a" do I use it rather" than" do I love it" feeling, ended up donating a ute full of goodies to the op shop.

Collection Point

Electricals like the  The George Forman, hate cleaning it, so gave to my sister as hers blew up. Dutch pancake maker to the grandchildren. Muffin maker, pie maker, and kitchen food processer with blender donated. Already have a more powerful blender for smoothies and a new Thermochef that is brilliant.
Lots of  glass serving plates and glass cassoroles as have much nicer ones. Couple of antique plates that I labelled what they were worth so the volunteers knew what they were getting.  Assorted kitchen gadgets, that I just don't want, like melon baller, garlic press etc.

The trouble is I had to wrap up every single glass plate, mug, cup and bowl, like I was packing up the house, so none of it would get broken. The volunteer ladies at least will get a surprise package from the boxes.

The Pantry was a mess so it also became a target.

Everything out

One empty and dusty Pantry

 There was a lot of out of date chilli sauces, which is John's favorite, but how many do you need. I think he forgot he had so many, keeps getting them for presents, and makes his own. There was quite a bit out of date actually, so out it all went.

Marked and labelled

And back it all in labelled, organized and neat. Hope it stays like that. Also moved in a few electrical things we constantly use to get them off the kitchen bench, like toaster, and coffee machine.

More Organizing.

It took me three days to do all this so I have been in quite a mess. The kitchen though is now looking good, and hopefully I can keep up with it.

So now that it is finished and with this lovely weather we are having I am back into the garden making a new path pruning trees so will show you more next time.  Stay safe.


  1. Well done you! This is inspiring, I need to do the same.


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