Thursday, November 19, 2015


Pickled Nasturtiums

I am a bit late in writing as at the moment I am rushing to finish painting two bedrooms before Christmas guests. Now that mum has moved into the nursing home suddenly my family is staying, but I wanted to refresh the rooms so apologies for those who read regularly.

 Lately all the wild nasturtiums that grow in my garden have gone to seed. They appear as a group of 3 combined together and once you get to know them stand out like a glowing light, for me to pick.

It doesn't take long to get a bowl full.

 Nasturtium Seeds Picked  Straight from the Garden.

 Basically they are pickled with a spiced vinegar mixture which is poured into the bottles, and kept in the fridge till needed. So far we have made 10 bottles.

Poor Man's Capers

The original recipe I saw was in Mrs. Beeton's cookbook written in 1861, The Book of Household Management, she called  them Pickled Nasturtium Seeds but they are also known as Poor Man's Capers. I have never actually eaten a caper, but these pretend ones are very nice added to a salad or with corn beef, they give this delicious lift with a sudden hint of spiciness. Now I sound like some chef on TV but they are well worth the trouble even, like me, you don't like pickles that much.


 How is that for a bunch of flowers from the garden. The roses have been so good and now the dahlias are coming out. Took this photo in the late afternoon as the sun was setting, hence the smokey look.

So bye for now back to the painting.


  1. love your blog as you know slowly getting mine up seems we do a lot of the same reading sources


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