Monday, October 26, 2015


A Weekend Away

Last Friday we set off for our weekend away at the Darlington  Big 4 Caravan Park, the Grafton side of Coffs Harbour. This was planned months ago to celebrate Miss C's 12th birthday as I mentioned in the previous post. The weather was good, not too hot, and we arrived about 3 o'clock and didn't see the grandchildren till the following day so had time to ourselves. John's hobby is photography and one of  mine is scrapbooking, which I took with me to Project Life my way through Europe, so spent about 5 hours on it over the weekend, which was great.
Our cabin
 We had a little cabin overlooking the lake, which was full of wild blue tropical waterlilies . So much wild life also, many birds, some kangaroos, and a water dragon to name a few, all very cheeky, looking for food from the visitors.

Looking at the BBQ
Mother and baby. The Father was also around, big fella.
Path to the cabin
The front verandah was the best place to sit, we had breakfast, lunch and dinner there. Of course that's when all the birds would fly in. If you think I look different in the next picture, had my hair cut so much cooler.

Relaxing over a cuppa

View from our cabin

Saturday we met the kids at the pool, and sat in the sun for a while. The bigger girls came over to us while mum and twins had a sleep and I taught them to tie a big fancy bow that florists often use. We then shouted them a little go cart ride, one each, for about an hour which exhausted them out, not easy things to peddle around the park.

Birthday dinner was at our place as we had an oven and we dined on Indian  samosas,  thai spring rolls, dutch pancakes which Miss 6 helped me male, sushi, and fried fish, and a  couple of dips. We ate too much to even have cake although the candles were ceremoniously lit, and happy birthday sung.Afterwards we went over to their place and played Pandemic, and Bang, two very interesting Board games, that were lots of fun.

This is what I gave Miss C, a quillo for high school trips away. Managed to even put a strap on it so when its folded up to a pillow she can carry it over her shoulder.

A Fairy Quillo.
Because of the late night,fresh air, and playing with grandchildren, I think  we came back more exhausted than when we went. I was at the dentist again today, getting the bridge fitted, that was fun! Tomorrow will be our first visit to my mother, which will prove very interesting, then it will be back into the garden and renovations till Christmas, only a few short 8 weeks away.
Countdown to Christmas Clock

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  1. Hi Chris looks like a lovely place and i think the quillo is fabulous how you get time to do it all one amazing lady love you

    Ann x

  2. Thanks Ann, Yes can highly recommend it for a weekend away. Great for kids too.


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