Monday, October 30, 2017


Cruising the Greek Islands - Mykonos to Patmos

 Spending the night in Athens, we were transferred to Piraeus where we boarded the Celestial Olympia Ship which contained 1450 passengers.

So Long Athens

  Our room was 2 beds, tiny bathroom, no window, but comfortable and every day, housekeeping would tidy it up.

Our room, our daughters had a window and bigger.

 Of course the first thing we did when everyone was settled, was have a boat drill.

Not very comfortable

Discovering the Ship
 We had a smorgasboard lunch on the top deck which was so busy, with a band, the pool and not enough tables so very noisy.

Top of the ship


In the afternoon we met our tour guide Beverley, and received our Globus Tags. Unknown to us this let us have any drink we wanted including cocktails,wine, and all meals included. This was also "our passport" as we had to hand the real ones in, so it allowed on and off the ship they were scanned every time.  Brilliant system.

So I discovered Pina Coladas of course and our daughter Strawberry Daiquiris. We loved shipboard life.

Globus Tags.

 In the middle of all this we were actually travelling to Mykonos, and once there went on a walking tour. It is famous for its windmills which used to grind wheat for the island. Lots of white houses   as most of the islands have. Narrow streets, lots of shops to cater for the tourist, and restaurants.


Our walking tour went through this church area and there was a wedding on
Windmill without the Sails.
3 on Mykonos

Everyone waiting for the sunset

Narrow Streets
John took to taking photos of all the doors and windows some were really fancy.

We got back to the ship to have dinner by 9 and this time went to the restaurant.What a difference. White cloths, fancy glasses, lots of waiters, menus, usually a choice of three and you could double up so dessert was always two, Pina Coladas and I wonder why I put on 4 kgs.

That night we then travelled on to Kusadasi on the Turkish coast, to visit the ruins of Ephesus. A small boat takes you in and then we boarded a bus. Of course many shops in that area, where all the tourist buses gather.

Crowds everywhere, lots of tourist buses as well.

We laughed at this one, and I happened to buy a back pack.
Ephesus was huge the biggest lot of ruins yet, in fact in the world, and also some of it had been put back together where possible. Lots of walking but it was very interesting.

Shopping Area
Clay pipes

Wonderful Carvings

Angel of Victory

Toilet system with water flowing under seat and another lot of water in front of channel where you used a sponge on a stick  for cleaning. In the centre was usually entertainment.


After this marathon walk we then went to a Turkish Carpet factory and sat through an explanation of how to weave them, then we were showed all sorts of carpets. Very very expensive but again interesting. They were just thrown on the floor one after the other. We were encouraged to walk on them also.

Wine served on an Athenean Tray

Nibbles were served afterwards  and it was where other handcraft shops were, leather bags and jackets, silk and pottery all expensive.

Then we were driven back to the port and walked through the Bazaar.

Having fun on the big seat
If this wasn't enough for the day we then traveled on to Patmos to visit the cave where John the Divine wrote Revelations. This Island had wonderful views and we wound our way up steep roads to the top. No photos at the cave, we went on to see more windmills and allowed inside this time, one was working, grinding wheat. Then once more let loose on the shops.

Fantastic Views from the top of Patmos Island


Patmos Windmills

Afternoon Tea before boarding the ship

As this is long enough next week off to the Islands of Crete and Santorini.

Hope you are enjoying the trip.

Till next time.


  1. I am loving these trip updates, have you brought anything back to decorate your home with?

  2. Only a couple of Greek Urns, a tiny pottery dish and a pottery enamel coaster.


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