Saturday, April 8, 2017


Victorian Holiday Destination - Part three

We stayed 4 days with my brother, and caught up with the washing, dinner out, and a visit to Walhalla.

Walhalla Township

 Of course it was still raining.

Post Office now a Cafe

Walhalla is a heritage town which runs a train
through the valley, made up of ferns and  gumtrees  and along a small river.
Very old carriages with a ticket collector.

A railway historical group run trips 3 times a week  and the train and carriages have all been fixed up, as has the track which was  rebuilt from old tracks in the area.

Reversed for theTrip Back
Great view of the train track.

Although it was wet it was very pretty, as we rattled along the track and over 4 little wooden bridges.

The Only Bridge Not Made of Wood

We had lunch in the tiniest cafe of 4 tables, while watching a bus load or tourists trying to get in. Very nice cutsey town even in the rain.

Small Cafes
Once on the road again we headed off to Seymour, for a meetup of some forum girls, and a few husbands. Believe it or not it stopped raining for the day.

Beginning of the gathering.

 Everyone bought goodies to swap and we all filled up 3 tables.

1/3rd of the loaded tables.

 I came away with hand made soaps, lemons, apples, patterns,  jar of pickles, books, quinces,  and a bonus of leftover muffins ,sausage rolls  and grapes. Wonderful. Handed out tastings of  our ginger Kombucha which was obviously liked, with  3 empty bottles

The Ladies of the Forum who Moderate.

From Seymour we went on to Porpunkah, near Bright, and spent 3 nights there. It rained and it was cold but so different from the sub tropical weather we normally have.

Park Site Opposite the River

 Unfortunately the leaves hadn't turned to colour, but the maples were lovely and a novelty for us. The little rivers part of the Ovens  river were delightful.

Ovens River

  I did a lot of embroidery and just relaxed.


Entrance to Bright

So packing up again we headed off back to Melbourne to meet up with my girlfriend of 60 years.

Till next time stay safe. 


  1. Walhalla looks gorgeous. I've actually just looked it up as I didn't know where it was. I really like places like that.

    Sounds like you had a good time in Seymour with everyone. Great you were able to incorporate it into your trip.

    Keep enjoying and relaxing and take care.


  2. Yes worth a trip in sunshine to Walhalla, but even in the rain was all right. Very pretty area the Victorian Alps. A old Mining tunnel, for gold was there also for tours.

  3. wow what a lovely little town! now that's what you call a 'country town'! loved the old buildings & the railway. looks like you are enjoying the trip regardless of the rain. stay safe on the next leg of your journey.
    thanx for sharing


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