Sunday, February 26, 2017


Pruning Time - Apple Trees

 The apple trees were getting so high, they were starting to shade the beds too much. They also haven't been producing a lot of fruit, and the heat we are having is not helping, so to give me more time in the garden I decided to halve the height again. In the future they may come out altogether, it depends on how cold the winter is this year, as it is needed for the chill factor, even low chill like these. It was a nice overcast day and rain was hovering, but  I did a quick go on the branches, with the big loppers, then John got the chainsaw out. Now that's serious. My aim was eye height, so away he chopped.  I will tidy the trees up in a few days.

Apple trees lower and thinned.  They may come out as getting to hot to produce fruit.

 It is amazing how underneath the trees, it was very weedy, and next doors vine has crept in over them, Ivy that was on the fence had also increased. Our son lent us a chipper but it broke first go and we only recently got it fixed at $235 for the repair bill. Would have been cheaper to drop a new motor in.

Chipper and Mulch

Any way all the branches went in and I have  now a nice lot of apple mulch. We kept back a couple of logs for the smoker. John often does a ham, pork or chicken. I kept back some long thin branches to top up my twig fences.

Fence repair stock.

One of the twig fences, usually holds the gooseberry back.

After all this heat the back garden is in a real mess. I have slowly been weeding it, pulled out the corn, tomatoes, and laying on manure, lime, blood and bone and getting ready for the broccoli, broad beans, spinach, last planting of beans and sweet peas and snow peas. The nut grass is a real problem here, and my biggest hassle, chasing the nuts through the soil. Leave the clean bed for a week and it all comes back from nuts left behind that are very hard to find, being the same colour as the soil.

In desperate need of a tidying up.

I must admit it is very nice to get out early, although today had to stop due to the rain. It rained last night as well but digging away at the soil, found it was very dry. Lots more soaking rain needed.
Picked a couple of cantelope,  and cucumbers which are flourishing. Located 3 butternut pumpkins amongst the  cherry tomatoes still growing well. I am going to pull down the climbing beans and replant in the same spot after moving the soil around. How did your summer garden do this year? My sister mentioned how tired everyone seemed to be, due to the heat, I can certainly relate to that.

Looking forward to Wednesday next week as finally getting the stitches out. Also planning a getaway to relax and get over the last couple months, so busy sewing new curtains for the van as well.

 Till next time.

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  1. That's lovely, stay strong. Can't wait to see more pics of the van.


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