Sunday, November 13, 2016


Finally a Working Garden Planner

If you keep a garden planner you will know that most of them work on a week to week basis or even monthly. I have tried to do this but it is always difficult to look up the year before, not quite remembering what you planted, the  variety of carrots or broccoli and what seeds you actually used unless you also remember the day you did it.  That's where it comes unstuck. Hunting through a weekly diary is a pain.

The Garden Planner

I was reading The Whizbang Gardener. He has some fascinating growing guides on youtube as well as some whizbang ideas and inventions. This is his site. The Whizbang Garden.

Anyhow amongst all the information was one on a Garden Planner. His thought was to actually do tabs for different vegetables, plus others for fertilization, Weather, Notes, and titles like that,  to what you actually need. Easy to whip up yourself on Word or Excel but a lot easier to download for $3 US, and  as he says," the cost of a packet of seed."

Once I got the download I printed all my pages in A5 easy to do by converting the page size. The download allows for A4 but I find that size of book a nuisance so all my planners are A5. At first I thought maybe the lines are too small by doing that, but I can write and read ok.

So my vegetable tabs are tomatoes, Beans,Carrots,Lettuce,Cucumbers, Zucchinni, Leafy Greens, Herbs, Brassicas,  Perenials and Other.

Some of the Tabs

An actual page for the vegetables.

Page from the Tomato Section.
 The rest of the tabs are a To Do list at the back and Garden Glossary, Fertilizer, Phenology, Supplies at the front. I also put in a new plan of my garden and a list of monthly jobs.

Monthly To Do

Garden Map

He recommends having a clip board also for jotting down rough notes on anything handy and clipping on to the board. I so relate to that I don't know how many times I have written on the back of a seed packet, only to not find it later.

Yes I had an old A5 clipboard.

So far, it is working, as I have been having  a major tidy up and mulching on most of the garden, which is no dig style. With our weird weather this year it will be good to note next year what happened and what grew nicely.

If you are also interested in doing this here is the download, and all about it. Certainly a whizbang idea.
Garden Planner

Till Next Time.

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